Working Papers

Global Financial Cycles and Macroeconomic Linkages
(Under Review)Link

Decentralization and Regional Convergence: Evidence From Night-time Lights Data (Under Review)Link
(with Bibek Adhikari)

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Interactions in an Environment with Financial Intermediaries and Public Debt of Different Maturities
(with Pedro Gomis-Porqueras and Joseph Haslag)

Work in Progress

On the Convergence of Inflation and Debt: Fiscal Theory vs. New Monetarists’ View
(with Pedro Gomis-Porqueras and Joseph Haslag)

Banking and Liquidity in Models with Heterogeneous Forecasts
(with William Brock and Joe Haslag)

Joint Fiscal and Monetary Policy Under No-commitment: A New Monetarist Approach
(with Heon Lee)